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Reviews & Awards


2001     Catalogue of Shane Weare Retropective at Sonoma State University Art Gallery, Essay by Michael Schwager, Curator,
            “Shane Weare, Printmaker Etches Time’, Gretchen Giles,, August 30
1989     “Artist’s Style Evolves with Work on Beach,” Carol Fowler, Press Democrat, July 14
1988     “Seascapes and Fluid Steel,” Satri Pancak, The West County Paper, March 17
             “Gallery,” Karen Sharpe, Home and Garden (Northern California) June issue
1987     “A Backlash to the Basic Art Form,” Robbeca Solnit, Pacific Sun, April 24
1986     “Exhibition Showcases Printmakers Art,” Carol Fowler, Contra Costa Times, September 24
             “Drawing with the Look of Paintings,” Charles Shere, The Oakland Tribune
             “Magically Luminous Art Seduces the Viewer,” Dorothy Burkhart, San Jose Mercury News, April 4
1981     “Now with color,” Frank Cebulske, Art Week, February 28
            “Imagery is the Theme of Drawings,” Robert Pincus, Los Angeles Times, April 28
1980     “Figural, Structural and Natural Forms,” Frank Cebulske, Art Week, March 22
1979     “Review,” B.T. Art Week, June 20
1978     “Review” Sunday Post, New Canaan, CT, March 12
            “From the Ancient to the Modern,” Alfred Frankenstien, San Francisco Chronicle, February 23
            “Visions of Civilization,” Judith Rohrer, Art Week, February 25
1977     “Review,” Charles Shere, Oakland Tribune
            “Review,” Judith Rohrer, Art Week
            “Merit, Skill...and Fate,” Paul Allman, Oakland Tribune, August 26
1976     “Welcome, Informative Print Show,” Thomas Albright, San Francisco Chronicle, November 3
            “Review,” Judith Rohrer, Art Week
1975     “De Anza Print Competition,” Roberta Loach, Art Week
            “Prints and Monotypes by Weare,” The State Hornet, Sacramento, CA, March 11
            “Artists Does Fine Work in Nudes and Ruins,” Author Bloomfield, San Francisco Examiner, December 23
            “Review,” Charles Johnson, Sacramento Bee, March 23
            “Review,” West Art, March 23
1974     “Artistic Innovations and More,” Alfred Frankenstein, San Francisco Chronicle, December 20
            “Palo Alto Print Invitational,” Roberta Loach, Art Week
1973     “Review,” The State Hornet, Sacramento, CA March 11
            “Weare and Hawkins,” West Art, August
            “Trumpets for this Show,” Alfred Frankenstein, San Francisco Chronicle, June 4
            “A Variety of Prints,” Thomas Albright, San Francisco Chronicle, July 14
            “Weare Prints,” Thomas Albright, San Francisco Chronicle, August 18
            “Pessimism in Prints,” Alexander Fried, San Francisco Examiner, August
            “Shane Weare, Etchings,” Molly O’Neill, Art Week, September 1
            “Review,” San Francisco Progress, August 8
1969     “Photo/Graphics Surveyed,” Leland Rice, Art Week, November
            “Novel Blend of Camera and Fine Art Prints,” Alexander Fried, San Francisco Examiner, November 1
            “Review,” Jerome Tarshis, Art Forum, Volume 1X, No.6, February
            “Review,” Santa Barbara News Press




2009     Award of Merit, Printmaking Exhibition, Sebastopol Center for the Arts, CA
2006     Award of Merit, Small Works, Arts Council Gallery of Sonoma County, Santa Rosa, CA
2005     Award of Merit, The Berkeley Art Centers Annual National Juried Exhibition, Berkeley, CA
1995     Purchase Award, California Museum of Art, Santa Rosa, CA
1988     Meritorious Performance and Professional Promise, Sonoma State University. Rohert Park, CA
1984     Hayward Forum of the Arts/City of Hayward award and First Place Graphics Award, CA
1979     Purchase Award, The University of North Dakota
            Purchase Award, The City of San Francisco
            Purchase Award, Dulin Gallery, Knoxville, TN
1978     Purchase Award, The Silvermine Group of Artists, CT
            The Fifth National Cash Award, Los Angeles Printmaking Society, Los Angeles, CA
1977     Purchase Award, The Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.
            Purchase Award, Honolulu Academy of Arts, HaI        
.           One-Person Exhibition Award, Richmond Art Center, Richmond, CA
            Purchase and Best of Show Award, Hayward Art Festival, CA
1976     Purchase Award, City of San Francisco
1975     Purchase Award, De Anza College, Cupertino, CA
            Purchase Award, 2nd. Miami Graphics Biennial, Florida
            KQED Spaces Between Programs Award, San Francisco, CA
1974     Purchase Award, Los Angeles Society of Printmakers
            Purchase Award, The City of San Francisco, Los Angeles, CA
            Purchase Award, The University of Colorado, Boulder, CO
            Purchase Award, The City of Palo Alto, CA
1973     Awarded One-Person Exhibition, California Museum of the Legion of Honor, San Francisco, CA
1972     Purchase Award, The City of San Francisco, CA
1971     Purchase Award, The Downey Museum of Art, Los Angeles, CA
1968     Purchase Award, Los Angeles Printmakers Society, Los Angeles, CA
1963     One-year Assistantship to the University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA
1962     The Graphic Prize, Young Contemporaries Exhibition, London, England
1960     Scholarship Grant, Royal College of Art, London, England


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