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"Submarine Pier, Falmouth" Etching | Shane Weare

" Nursed by the Jazz Age and moved by the beat, outgoing Shane Weare was among those Englishmen of a certain age who were impassioned by the myth that was America. While he attended London's Royal College of Art as a printmaking student, America appeared as a story whose plot anyone could write for himself. And like many of his countrymen, Weare came to the United States and made it his own.


Traveling to the States in 1962 with a group of students, Weare created dawings of his new America state by state, producing terse inward prints that were deeply personal— an intimate diary of the nation.He briefly returned home, but found himself the next year

as a postgraduate student at the University of Iowa.

The rest, of course, is history. In the ensuing 38 years Weare married American artist, Sally Weare and became a U.S. citizen and a professor at University of California, Santa Barbara,

and then later at Sonoma State University.


He retired from teaching in 2001. "

excerpt from "Ages of Man — Shane Weare Etches Time"

— Gretchen Gilles, North Bay Bohemian

August 2001


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